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Don't Let Your Property Flood

Schedule land grading services in Salisbury, NC

Does your Salisbury, NC property have flooding issues? You should arrange for land grading services to make sure you have effective drainage solutions in place. You can hire Universal Development for the job.

We'll use top-notch equipment to make sure the job is done correctly and ensure there are no issues down the road. We can also smooth your landscape over if you want to install fresh sod. Contact us today to arrange for land grading services.

We'll help with your construction project

If you don't properly level your foundation before construction, you could be setting your whole project up for failure. Start your project on the right foot by scheduling land leveling services. Land leveling is important because:

  • It will keep your site from flooding
  • It will make your foundation stronger
  • It will create a healthier landscape

Get in touch with us today to get a free estimate.